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Conference of the Edogenous Development and Socialism of the 21st century

During the conference Dada Maheshvarananda, a yoga monk from the USA explained that the new form of the progressive socialism develops the welfare and integration of the nations, in honor of the distribution the resources of the planet for the common welfare.

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A new social order based on human rights and the ecology

[translation from the Spanish article published in Tulankide magazine January 2007, issue 519, published by the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation (MCC) in Spain] In 1959 the Indian philosopher and yoga master Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar proposed the creation of a movement called PROUT, an abbreviation of «The Progressive Utilization Theory». It is a theory that advocates a new socioeconomic alternative to capitalism. In spite of the initial difficulties – their founder was imprisoned for seven years – the certain thing is that at the moment PROUT has a good number of followers throughout the world. It continues with its founder’s objective – he died in 1990 – of creating a new social order based on human rights and the ecology.

PROUT proposes the maximum utilization and rational distribution of the wealth for the benefit of all humanity, the guarantee of the basic necessities for all and the participation of the town in the obtaining of the ganoncias and the control of the production and distribution of the goods by means of the establishment of the economic demacracia. Their theories, apoyodas for important thinkers, they are taken to the practice by means of the creation of cooperative of work associate.

Four people belonging to this movement, including Dada Maheshvarananda – standing on the right -, author of the book «After Capitalism», came to Mondragón on January 3 to learn more about our cooperative Experience. Besides seeing the corporate documentary, and participating in a class on the keys of the development of MCC, they also came to Otalora Institute to see the classroom museum of Father Arizmendiarrieta (the founder of the Mondragón Cooperative Experience), where we took the opportunity to take this picture.